Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Breakthrough Experience with Dr John F. Demartini (Seminar)

Apparently John Demartini came to mainstream fame because he was one of the people interviewed in the film The Secret. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t actually seen The Secret and from what I can gather I wouldn’t really like it.

So, how did I happen to go to his seminar? On the recommendation of a trusted friend, I decided to take a leap of faith and attend the seminar.

I met all sorts of people at this seminar, an Art teacher, who went to the introductory session and just ‘had to learn more’, a Melbourne couple who flew to Sydney to attend the seminar as they couldn’t make the Melbourne session, and a lot of repeaters who had attended the same seminar previously but wanted to attend again, including a lady who had been to the seminar in Auckland, NZ the previous weekend but couldn’t get enough.

These seemed very high credentials for a seminar that only goes over two days. Initially I thought “Didn’t they pay attention the first time around? Why do they have to come again?” But this is the difference with The Breakthrough Experience. Some seminars advertise that you never have to come back, once you have been. With this one you could do 20 seminars and still learn more each time!

Let me explain:

The first half day we learnt the basics. John’s main concept that the whole world exists in equilibrium: for every good there is a bad, for every nice there is evil, for every white there is a black. The basis of this concept is quantum physics in which there is a positive for every negative. This theoretical stage of the seminar is intellectually challenging and, funnily enough, I enjoyed it while half of the complex, theoretical talk went straight over my head. I was kind of wondering what I had got myself into!

But the backbone of the seminar is the afternoon / evening of the first day. We completed the collapse process with John’s Demartini Method. The idea behind this process is to collapse the emotional associations you have with certain persons or events. This could either be an extreme positive association, like infatuation, or a negative association, like resentment. The idea is, that after finishing the process, one would let go of any emotional charge, thus returning the person or event back to their natural equilibrium.

We started the process at around 2pm with about 130 people in the room. There was no talking, everyone was concentrating intently on their collapse and qualified facilitators walked around, helping anyone who got stuck by themselves. You only hear whispers and the occasional weep, people are crying with joy, fear, relief.

But let me tell you, this is difficult and some people were so resistant that they left and did not return to the seminar at all!

About three to four hours into the collapse process, I had hit a few walls, was ready to give up because I thought it was silly, being lightly prodded by the facilitators if they saw me drifting of in my thoughts. And then I had a really exciting and illuminating moment: we attract in others what we suppress in ourselves.

The theory is based on the fact, that we all have all character traits. Due to circumstances, societal influences, or personal decisions, we may decide that we do not like a certain trait, we despise it. This is our ‘disowned’ part: although we still possess this trait, we suppress it. But since everything exists in equilibrium, we attract our disowned parts from our environment: our spouse, children, brother, sister, boss, work colleague.

Through the collapse process you accept that you own this trait just as much as the next person, it won’t bother you anymore. You won’t despise it anymore. By the way, this also works the other way around, you can collapse a trait you admire in others, but you think you lack. Through the collapse process you can see that you also own this trait that you admire. This can be extremely powerful and the John actually recommends to collapse everyone you admire, such as mentors and idols, so you can realise that you have the same traits.

Underlying questions during the collapse process are “What would it be like if the person / event were the exact opposite?” and “What would the world be like if the person /event was how I wish they were?” By answering these questions, we can recognise more than ever that things happen for a reason, that whatever happened in the past, has made us who we are today, and that we should be grateful for that.

Ideally the collapse process results in letting go of emotional charges and seeing the person or event in its natural state, with pure love and gratitude rather than prejudices and preconceptions imposed by society. As a result people reported relief, better sleep and even improved physical condition such as less chronic pain.

Most people, especially the first-timers like me needed a lot of encouragement from the facilitators to get through. Some people gave up and left the seminar altogether, some may have pretended to conclude the process, but the majority of people were in tears of gratitude and joy by the end of the night, after an exhausting 10 hours of letting go of emotional charges.

The second day of the seminar builds on the collapse process from the previous night and John explains how to use the method to deal with grief and loss. The afternoon concludes with a future projection of goals and purposes, and where we want our life to be. Due to the time pressures, I didn’t find this as useful and beneficial as the colapse process. But then again, there is only so much you can squeeze into two days. Which is why at the end of the seminar, the company organising these seminars, Global 1 Training, delivers the typical sales presentation of ‘advanced courses’ that are available.

I haven’t signed up for any additional courses, the cost being a major prohibiting factor, but can definitely say that thoroughly enjoyed everything I learnt at this seminar.

One of the major advantages is the ability to take away the Demartini Method, or collapse process and being able to do them over and over again. With promises that the process becomes easier when often practiced, John recommends doing one collapse process a week. I have to admit, I haven’t kept up the collapsing, it would take a lot of patience, motivation, determination and time. Which is exactly why you see so many people return to this seminar!


Investigation said...

Hi, I was one of those people who walked away because I did not feel the whole seminar was that great. I understand that it worked for some but I felt it was not for me, The worst part however is that Global1 is refusing to give me the money back as per their guarantee because I got the ticket transfered. I have paid just like anyone else they took my book away including all the notes etc and now refusing to give me 70% of what I paid, I was being fair asking for 70% only because I did get somnething out of it, but definetly "NO breakthrough" Any one out there who can help me get the money back please let me know what I can do :)
Thank you!!!

Ramon Thomas said...

Looking back at 2007 when I did this workshop, I now believe I faked it. There was maybe one facilitator in a room of about 60 people. Since that time I've lost the original manuals. John's method is extremely powerful and difficult at the same time. So I want to give this one more shot because I'm unable to do this on my own. I listen to his audio and get a little hyped. When I put pen to paper I loose interest after 30 mins :-(